Strategic Designing

Although; creating your own characters is a fun way to write a book, and you can include a diverse community of people in your book, or movie. However; some people often design their characters that are questionable. For this instance, you created a character that is for general audiences, but your character has something that is not suitable for all audiences. However; there are strategies when you design your character.

Creating your own characters can come from your dream, and it can be useful for creating interesting characters for your project.

Character Design Does Require Quality And Care When Targeting Audience

Imagine; you were making a new gamebook for your general audience. Your character is a princess what you want to interact with. However; your character must abide to the following attributes:

No Sexualized Features

A princess what we’re using for example shall not be sexualized because, this is a known issue what we are currently experiencing via today’s fashion trends. With my experience of creating my own characters; I don’t sexualize my princesses. I just roll back to older fashion trends via a previous era. Think about a fairy queen who wears a large dress with a large skirt attachment. She wears a bell form of a skirt with a cone-like formation of some sort,–Just like Cindrella! However; a princess wearing a pencil skirt, or an hourglass skirt is mainly targeted towards an erotic genre, this is not suitable for general audiences, but they can be enemies for your game or movie.

Short skirts don’t make them pretty for general audiences either because, that promotes sexualized characters. Unfortunately, sexualized characters became an interest to teenagers, but teenagers shold never be exposed to this content. However; they can be enemies for a game or movie. If you designed this princess to interact with, and she is sexualized, and you market your game to general audiences; children may be exposed to potentially unwanted sexual content. Big media companies often use loopholes to circumvent anti-pornography guidelines.

A princess what you interact with via a game what you are making should never have exposed breasts, cleavage, or any other parts that are sexual in nature. If your princess is a mermaid, what we’re going to mention later on, should only be targeted to adult audiences.

Footware like shoes with high heels worn by today’s princesses should only be targeted towards adult audiences.


Mermaids can’t hide breasts and cleavage because, they’re underwater. However; they wear bras like any other women.

Mermaids can be targeted towards general audience, but extra care needs to be implemented.

Require Diverse Creators

Your characters don’t have to be Black or White! You don’t have to stick with your same blood race. There are various people who have biracial features. However; genuine Black characters supposed to be created by hired Black creators. Not all Blacks have dark skin, light skin is possible.

If all characters are diversed in games and even movies; that should’ve created more jobs!

Examples Of Characters Developed With Strategy

Each company or creator has created these following characters with strategy:

  • Mario – Nintendo
  • Donkey Kong – Nintendo
  • Chun-Li – Capcom
  • Clifford – Scholastic

These characters with associated companies are examples of strategic development of these characters what we know today.

Character creation isn’t just fun, it’s also a work of art.

If you dreamed of it; create it!

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