Amanda the Fairy

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Amanda is a large fairy. You can ride her in your imagination. She’s a large fairy who is a vegetarian who dislikes slaughtering rabbits for meat, and she isn’t a fairy who likes to attend a church. She is a fairy who likes other people in New Kingdom via Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. She does have an ability to fly longer than any other fairy on this planet.



Large head, wears a large pinkish-white poofy dress,–just like Cinderella, dark-pink apron with flowers, stockings, flat pinkish-white shoes, and a crown. She’s a tall 8.5 feet mega-sized fairy, light-skin, silver eyes, pink lips, pink hair, large wings with a glitter design, and a rounded pink nose.

When flying she may look like a butterfly, or moth; unlike conventional fairies; she can fly longer than any other fairy on earth. She may look like an ordinary fairy, but she flies either any direction, or streamline. Her powerful wings that can flap can push her to the skies in just seconds.

When not flying, she often spread out her wings to give her an ability to glide along surfaces, but her wings were designed to reflect any lights at night. When light shines to her wings; they function as reflectors, that makes it possible for motorists to see her when nabigating along streets.

Her clown-like face features as a circus clown of some sort, but that’s just her normal look.

Physichol Specifications

The following specifications listed below are the common specifications for this character:

  • Height: 8.5 ft.
  • Weight: 550 lbs.
  • Skin Color: White
  • Hair Color: Pink
  • Nose Color: pink
  • Blood Type: A
  • Animal Tail: None
  • Nail Color: Default

Clothing Specifications

Dress Type:

Poofy pink dress with apron. Rigid type skirt addon. Blouse with short V opening to display her neck… doesn’t display cleavage, or breasts.

Zippers used to assemble this large dress with optional apron. Snaps to keep garment assembled.

Shoe Type:

Low heal shoes with a pinkish tint.


Vegetarian, but she eats fish and other seafood. Follows optional kosher diet.



  • Magic Wand
  • Weapons

  • None
  • Vegetarianism Status

    Amanda is currently a vegetarian because, she refused to eat rabbit. She wished she should leave rabbits off her plate because, she doesn’t believe in slaughtering rabbits for meat.

    When she was a little fairy; her mother tried to feed her some meaty meals for exploring different types of food. She gone sick when she ate rabbit meat,–along with chicken and pork. Her mother has taken her to the hospital to get the disease out of her. The nurse who cared for Amanda while she was hospitalized. Her grandmother has filed a lawsuit against the restaurant for an alleged mistreat of customers, and poisoning of customers. Her family has won the lawsuit,–resulting the popular restaurant in New Kingdom shutting down,–for good. Well, it’s an outdated meat-eating cafe. It’s been around for years, but it was under fire because, people has refused to arrive at this place. And many people in New Kingdom has gone vegetarian. That literally phased out poultry, pork, beef, and other farms where animals were raised for meat.

    Amanda has wished to leave all meat off her plate for the rest of her life. Her mother has to go to the store, and purchase all vegetarian products. However; she saved more money than she used to save since her daughter has eaten meat with her cousin who is a soldier who defeated a terrorist group.


    Sometimes on duty, featured as a mount, joyful, happy, busy, heroic, caring, gentle, active, a leader sometimes, and sometimes charming.

    Although; she can manage her temper without any trouble, and sometimes she always go to the next level. She springs to action for a cause, such as removing the old oil refinery.


    • Joyful
    • Happy
    • Bouncy

    What You Can Do With This Character:


    You can ride this character. That enables you to fly with her. You just ride her piggyback, and she can fly as she give you rides. Typically, you ride on her back. No saddle required. You control her, just like controlling an airplane.

    Supports up to 2 adult riders.

    Supports up to 3 small children who can ride this fairy.

    Operating weight capacity supports up to 400 lbs (rider) 700 lbs (cargo).

    Use As Cameos:

    You can include this character as a cameo.

    Enable Hospital Patients To Have Experience With Fairies

    This is ideal to help patients have experience with fairies, as an alternative to faith of any kind.

    Use As Partner For Tall People Via Same Height:

    Are you a body-building person who successfully reached a height of 7 feet or higher? And you can work by changing lights without ladders… you can use her as your partner who can do work at any place like construction sites, and other places where you can work.

    Use Her To Patrol Forests

    This fairy can patrol forests via long flights, and she can reach an operating altitude of 9000 feet in the air.

    When patroling forests; she can keep track of trees being cut down illegally.

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